MAR 6, 2024

Word Economic Forum article co-authored
by ESGDigital.Ai

MAR 7, 2024

The SEC votes in favor of adopting the long awaited Mandatory Climate Risk Disclosures.

Jan 6, 2024

Decarbonization and Occupant Experience Enhancement to Shape Future Growth Potential
of Smart Buildings

DEC 5, 2023

Mandatory energy and water benchmarking policies are spreading across the US.

NOV 30, 2023

Energy Efficiency And Sustainability: The Future
Of Real Estate

OCT 3, 2023

New study finds that most companies are not ready for ESG assurance.

SEP 26, 2023

California moves one step closer to passing the most extensive climate disclosure laws in the US.

AUG 7, 2023

Digital Twin Case Study: IKEA

JUL 24, 2023

NYC councilman proposes air quality
monitoring legislation.

JUL 21, 2023

Urban Heat Island Solutions

JUL 19, 2023

Digital twins in action: Coral Gables, Florida

JUL 6, 2023

How to build a more sustainable, efficient and resilient propert portfolio.

JUL 1, 2023

Digital twins application

JUL 27, 2023

Survey shows that digital twins will reshape buisness and society by 2035.

JUN 26, 2023

The ISSB launches new global reporting standards.

JUN 23, 2023

Digital twins can be used to future proof buildings and achieve Net Zero goals.

JUN 13, 2023

The benefits of a digital twin

JUN 15, 2023

California’s Cimate Disclosure Bill just passed the Senate and exceeds the requirements of the SEC’s proposed climate disclosure regulation in two important ways.

JUN 13, 2023

What are the benefits of real-time data in the built environment?

JUN 12, 2023

Greener Zoning proposed for NYC

JUN 8, 2023

Digital twins in action

JUN 7, 2023

ESG disclosure and environmental performance is tied to higher ROA, ROC and Stock Price.

JUN 6, 2023

Data transparency is needed to prevent greenwashing

JUN 5, 2023

What is a digital twin?

MAY 31, 2023

How technology is being used to make smart cities

May 30, 2023

ESG performance is tied to financial performance

MAY 25, 2023

Digital twins have all the necessary capabilities and potential to transform the way businesses operate.

May 23, 2023

Turning Data into Action

MAY 24, 2023

Nasdaq says digitization is key to ESG Reporting

May 22, 2023

What to consider when making a building energy efficient

MAY 19, 2023

Why is it important to be more energy efficient?

MAY 18, 2023

Simple energy retrofits save 35% to 61% of Local Law 97 fines.

May 17, 2023

NYC is offering incentives to renovate commercial buildings in Manhattan.

MAY 16, 2023

ESGDigital.Ai is now a member of the Digital Twin Consortium!