Next-Gen ESG Reporting via Digital Twins

An intelligent ESG Reporting Tool for financial and climate risk management

A Single Solution For A Net-Zero Tomorrow

In the new ESG era, ESGDigital.Ai offers a single ESG reporting capability across a whole global portfolio of buildings & assets for intelligent decision-making and regulatory compliance leveraging next-gen technologies. We enable financial and climate risk management through modeling, scenario analysis, and real-time simulations, providing ESG reporting and advisory to improve ESG scores. Our ESG reporting is driven by digital twins and powered by AI to provide real-time reporting & forecasting for critical decision-making in day-to-day operations and a single solution for setting goals, tracking data, and progress for all ESG reports, goals, and certifications. Discover how ESGDigital.Ai can help your organization measure its climate impact and contribute to a net-zero future.

Important ESG Figures

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NYC Local Law 97 demands 90% fewer emissions by 2050
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NYSERDA RTEM+ provides 70% off real time energy management equipment
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ESG disputes rose 28% in 2022 and are expected to deepen
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ConEd offers up to $1 million in rebates for energy efficient equipment for electricity use and $1 million in rebates for efficient natural gas use.
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The Inflation Reduction Act provides buildings up to $5 per square foot in tax deductions.

Avoid Penalties of Non-Compliance

The urgency to reduce carbon footprint and provide full disclosure to stakeholders has increased due to the impact of climate change. With climate risk becoming a financial risk, the real estate industry faces enormous financial consequences due to the increasing frequency and severity of storms, floods, sea-level rise, and wildfires. To mitigate climate risk, emerging city, state, and federal regulations in the US require companies to conduct climate risk assessments, disclose their emissions, and implement remediation measures, with stiff penalties for non-compliance.

New York City Carbon Tax

Local Law 97 in New York City imposes a carbon tax on buildings exceeding allowable emission limits. Annual fines will begin for 2024 and become more punitive in 2030, 2035, 2040, and 2050, as acceptable emission limits decline. Local Law 97 impacts more than 50,000 residential and commercial properties in NYC and requires carbon neutrality, translating to about 90% emission reduction by 2050.

Emerging Regulations

Other emerging regulations include the pending Energy Efficiency Regulation in California, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maryland, New York State, and other states, which require buildings to meet specific energy efficiency standards to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. These regulations will affect building owners and operators, energy service providers, contractors, equipment suppliers, and other stakeholders and drive the adoption of technologies and practices that reduce energy consumption and emissions.

The Solution: ESGDigital.Ai

To comply with these emerging regulations and meet stakeholders' expectations for transparency and disclosure on GHG emissions, companies need to adopt ESG reporting & advisory practices and a comprehensive ESG strategy. ESGDigital.Ai provides a range of solutions including ESG reporting driven by digital twins and powered by AI to provide real-time reporting & forecasting.

3D Analysis

Digital twin technology enables companies to create 3D versions of physical buildings and equipment to enable critical decision-making in day-to-day operations and longer-term ESG management and reporting. Our comprehensive ESG solutions include ESG reporting, modeling, and scenario analysis with real-time simulations to enable financial and climate risk management. ESGDigital.Ai offers 360 views with real-time data integration and high-fidelity visualization to integrate BIM, BMS, EMS, AI, IoT sensor data, energy optimization, and waste tracking. With us, companies can increase transparency and simplify performance tracking and reporting for multiple regulatory requirements, certifications, and standards.

Cost-Benefit & Incentive Identification

We provide an invaluable cost-benefit analysis before investment so companies can avoid costly mistakes. ESG reporting helps companies identify and benefit from incentives, such as tax deductions and cost savings, to reduce energy and implementation costs for energy efficiency upgrades.

Improve Building Operations

Our solutions provide actionable insights to reduce costs, cut emissions, improve occupant health and wellbeing, track progress to meet targets and improve business resilience.