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Intelligent Decision-Making,
ESG Reporting & Regulatory Compliance For The ESG Era

ESGDigital.Ai makes it possible for companies to reduce emissions today for a net-zero tomorrow.

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Our Mission

At ESGDigital.Ai, our mission is to provide intelligent decision-making and regulatory compliance solutions to companies operating in the ESG era. The increasing urgency to reduce carbon footprints and provide full disclosure to stakeholders in response to climate change has made ESG reporting essential for businesses. Emissions regulations in the US require climate risk assessments, emissions disclosures, and remediation measures, and litigation risk has increased.

What We Do

ESGDigital.Ai offers a single ESG reporting capability across a whole global portfolio of buildings & assets for intelligent decision-making and regulatory compliance. Our ESG reporting is driven by digital twins and powered by AI to provide real-time reporting & forecasting. We provide modeling and scenario analysis with real-time simulations and digital twin technology for critical decision-making in day-to-day operations, serving as a single solution for setting goals, tracking data, and progress for all ESG reports, goals, and certifications.

Avoid Penalties

Emerging regulations in the US demand that companies disclose their emissions and implement remediation measures to mitigate climate risk, with stiff penalties for non-compliance. These regulations include Local Law 97 in New York City, requiring a carbon tax on buildings exceeding allowable emission limits, and pending Energy Efficiency Regulation in several states, requiring buildings to meet specific energy efficiency standards to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The real estate industry faces enormous financial consequences from climate risk, making it crucial for companies to reduce their carbon footprint and disclose their ESG performance to stakeholders.


We help companies harness incentives like the Inflation Reduction Act, NYSERDA RTEM+ Program, Con Edison C&I Energy Efficiency Program, and the Equipment Rebate Program to reduce energy costs and implementation costs for energy efficiency upgrades. ESGDigital.Ai leverages specialized consulting services and advanced cloud-based technologies aligned with globally recognized standards to enable companies to measure their impact on climate change and contribute towards a net-zero future.

Our Approach

Our methodical, phased approach leverages experienced specialists with a next-generation set of digital tools to provide data collection and digitalization of services and solutions, including ESG reporting, BIM designs and simulations, facility management, real-time BMS, EMS, IoT sensor data, and waste tracking. We provide transparency, traceability, and trackability, connecting stakeholders to the meter. ESGDigital.Ai helps reduce cost, effort, and energy optimization over the long run, ensuring businesses meet their ESG obligations while contributing to a sustainable tomorrow.

Our Team

Ron Ramanujam

Managing Director / Digital Solutions

Ron Ramanujam is the Director of Implementation for ESGDigital.AI and brings 20+ years of experience in top-tier consulting and building and scaling disruptive tech ventures leveraging advanced technologies and computing methods to drive transformational business value. He has led complex, large-scale programs implementing data platforms, digital products and services, AI-driven analytics and process automation, IoT platforms, and other leading technologies in varied industries including financial services, healthcare, biopharma, manufacturing, TMT, and consumer-retail. Ron taps into this well of experience in applying digital twin technologies to help companies effectively manage their environmental impact and sustainability targets.

Lisa Wright

Managing Director / Implementation

Lisa Wright is a highly accomplished architect and a recognized expert in the design and construction industry. Her expertise in seamlessly integrating her clients’ business objectives with their physical locations has led to the creation of successful and sustainable construction projects.

As a Managing Director at PBA LLP and the VP of Global Investment at Knotel, Lisa was responsible for leading teams that conceptualized, executed, and maintained over 10 million square feet of space for leading brands and major corporations across the globe. In her current role, Lisa partners cutting-edge sustainable technologies and products with building projects to significantly decrease their environmental footprint and reduce energy expenses.

Lisa is a lecturer at IESE, with MBA classes on Design Thinking and the Dynamics of Retail Space; and was a steering committee member of the Retail and Brand Experience World Conference.

Sarah Parlow

Managing Director / Sustainability

Sarah Parlow is the Director of Sustainability for ESGDigital.AI specializing in ESG Reporting, cradle- to-grave Life Cycle Analysis (LCA), Science-Based Target initiatives, the Net Zero Standard, carbon offsets, carbon accounting, and circular systems analysis and monetization.  Sarah is knowledgeable in the dynamics of global ESG regulations and how remediation measures and technology are tied to government and utility subsidies and funding. Sarah graduated with distinction with a Master of Science in Sustainability Management from Columbia University.

Sarah Samy

Senior Consultant

Sara Samy is a Senior Consultant with over 7-years of experience in emerging technologies projects with a focus on digital twins. Her most recent project for a multibillion-dollar cognitive city leveraged digital twins for planning, design, and budgeting. She worked with key strategic vendors such as Nvidia and Unity to create a detailed project plan for the cognitive city and collaborated with engineers in designing the first prototype.